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We value and respect everyone equally from every member of our supply chain, head office and store teams.

Our culture is warm and positive as we support each other and strive for the best. Our continued success depends on the dedication, passion and expertise of our amazing team.

We provide open and secure communication tools for employees to share their views or raise concerns.

We provide a wide range of resources for knowledge sharing so that our employees can be better informed and train themselves more.

We aim to treat everyone fairly, honestly and with respect.

It is very important to attract and retain a more diverse team. We have identified various gaps in our head office and store teams across the group and are working to develop our brand.

Additional training is provided to all management roles responsible for hiring new employees to ensure that our selection processes are fair, consistent and unbiased.

We provide inclusive leadership and awareness workshops to our leaders and employees to address conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace and society.

We have made the necessary changes in our recruitment processes to ensure that we have access to a wider and more diverse pool of candidates and to prevent possible unconscious biases in the screening process.

Would you like to join our team?

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